Financial Aid Benefit

Tuition Benefit for Dependent Children of IU Employees

Dependent children of full-time IU faculty and staff are entitled to a tuition benefit consisting of one-half the resident undergraduate tuition rate. Although OPEN Program students are exempt from the student health fee, all other fees are assessed at 100% the undergraduate rate.

Full-time employees (parent/guardian of OPEN Program student) may access the IU Tuition Benefit Enrollment Form online.

A new form should be completed each term the OPEN Program student wishes to enroll in IUB classes, and should be submitted as soon as the student receives their 10-digit UID. Student's bursar account statement will reflect that tuition benefit credit has been applied. If overpayment has been made, a refund will be issued by the bursar.

Benefits for Children of Disabled Veterans

The Indiana General Assembly has provided an educational benefit for children of veteran disabled in the line of duty during wartime. The benefit reduces the amount of tuition at state supported institutions. If a student meets the criteria to receive this benefit, parent should call the Office of Student Central at (812) 855-0321 for further information.

The Indiana General Assembly has also provided a free tuition benefit for children of Vietnam veterans classified as POW/MIA after January 1, 1960.