Applicant Criteria

  • High school Juniors or Seniors (younger students are not eligible)
  • High School GPA must be at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Recommended by principal or guidance counselor
  • Pursuing high school diploma
  • Concurrently enrolled in high school (except summer)
  • Located within commuting distance
  • IU GPA must be at least 2.5. You may check your GPA on One.IU

All policies are FIRMLY enforced.

Application Deadline

Application deadlines are determined by semester. Please check the schedule for the appropriate semester. Late applications will not be accepted due to processing requirements.

OPEN Program Application

Application Procedures

Interested students should discuss the OPEN Program with their high school guidance counselor. Students interested in music courses should see Special Instructions for Music Courses (below).

Students are required to submit an OPEN Program application for each term they wish to enroll in IUB classes.

Step 1  - High School Authorization:  Completed application must include signed authorization from high school principal or guidance counselor for each IUB class listed on student application.  Information regarding the applicant's high school performance as well as the principal's or counselor's endorsement must appear on the application.

Step 2  - IUB Faculty Endorsement:  Signature of approval must be obtained from the appropriate IU departmental chairperson, or a representative of the IU faculty member teaching the course. There may be special requirements or prerequisites recommended for specific courses.

Step 3  -  Parental and Student Signatures:  Application must be signed by parent or guardian, agreeing to financial responsibility.  Student must sign the application as well.

Step 4  -  Application Delivery: The completed application with all signatures of approval should be mailed or hand-delivered to the OPEN Program coordinator at 419 N Indiana Ave, Bloomington, IN  47405.    

Final approval to take the course(s) is granted by the Division of Extended Programs.

Special Instructions for Music Courses:

Precollege students who wish to enroll in music courses for credit should contact Bill Tilghman for the Music OPEN Program located at Jacobs School of Music East Studio Building 120, advising and Records Services. Feel free to phone 855-3743 for information and registration instructions.

Children (all levels) and adults interested in non-credit programs and workshops may visit the Jacobs Pre-College Programs site for more information.