CampusAccess Cards

Once registered, OPEN Program students are eligible to receive a CampusAccess Card. CampusAccess Cards may be used to check books out of the library and for other university services. To obtain the card, please take some form of photo identification to one of the Campus Card Services offices. Their offices are located in Eigenmann Hall and in the Indiana Memorial Union.  Cards become available the week prior to the first day of classes.

OPEN students, with valid CampusAccess Cards, can enjoy various programs and services at the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) building. If 18 years of age or younger, please call (812) 855-2371 for information regarding age policy restrictions.

Student athletic tickets are available only to regularly enrolled students with full-time status.

IU Computing Accounts

Once registered, please use the Create My First IU Account task in One.IU to create the basic computing accounts needed to access the IU network, send and receive e-mail, store files, and create Web pages.

To proceed, you will need your university ID which may be found on your "Class Schedule".

University ID Number (UID)

Once registered, you will be assigned a 10-digit University Identification Number (UID). You may find your UID through the University ID (SIS) task on One.IU.

In order to use most features of One.IU, you must have an IU network ID.

Campus Parking Permits

OPEN Program students are eligible for an off-campus commuting student parking permit. However, this may not help much. There may not be a parking lot near all classroom buildings. Students should look into the paid parking facilities near their class(es). Students experiencing major problems should contact Parking Operations by email or by phone at (812) 855-9848.