Fees & Payment

OPEN students pay the same undergraduate credit hour and mandatory fees as regular students, with the exception that Student Health Fee is waived. All fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Trustees of Indiana University. Credit hour fees are assessed based upon the student’s residence classification, school, and class standing. 

Please refer to the Bursar's website or the Enrollment Bulletin for current undergraduate credit hour fees and mandatory fees.

Course-Related Fees

Course-related fees are assessed in addition to credit hour and mandatory fees. Special fees apply to courses including, but not limited to, film, fine arts, labs, music performance study, and studios.

Please refer to the Bursar's website or the Enrollment Bulletin for fee amounts.

Electronic Billing and Payment

Indiana University generates electronic bills for bursar account activity. All students are provided with an IU email account, and e-mail notification will be sent to their IU e-mail account when the monthly bill is available online. Students may also view and print copies of their billing statement, as well as process electronic payments from the secure site. Students may also establish access for parents and other third parties to view current account balance information, view statements and process payments. Once access is created, authorized payers may also elect to have e-mail notifications sent when new bursar statements are generated. Please refer to the Bursar's website for additional details.

Fee Payment Information

Based on the student's registration and any other debts owed to Indiana University, an electronic statement will be generated monthly. Students will be notified via their IU email account to check their ONE.IU.EDU account for more specific billing information. Payment will be due approximately 2 weeks later, on the 10th of the month.

Please contact the Office of the Bursar if you do not receive a bill or if you have question about your bill. Failure to receive the e-mail notification will not be accepted as a reason for missing the payment deadline and your account will be assessed monthly late payment fees until the balance is paid.