Schedule Adjustment

OPEN students are expected to have few or no schedule adjustment needs because of the special approval and course selection process. Because students are admitted by special permission, all change requests must be submitted to the OPEN Program Coordinator. OPEN students may not self-adjust their schedule for any reason. If it is necessary to drop, add, or change a section, contact the coordinator as soon as possible.

Late Schedule Changes

A Late Schedule Change fee of $23.00 is assessed for each course dropped after the end of the 100% refund period. The Late Schedule Change fee also applies to a class number change, or a change of arranged hours.


If for any reason an OPEN student is forced to withdraw from his/her course, he should contact the OPEN Program Coordinator as soon as possible to begin appropriate withdrawal procedures. OPEN students are NOT to self-adjust their schedule.  Courses dropped after the first week of classes will be assigned a grade of W through the automatic withdrawal period; thereafter a grade of W or F must be assigned by the instructor. After this time, we expect withdrawals only in cases of emergency (such as extended illness or equivalent distress).

To obtain information about the refund policy for courses dropped, please refer to the Office of the Bursar’s website.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WITHDRAWAL—Failure to pay does not withdraw a student from classes. If a student does not request a cancellation of the registration through the OPEN Program Coordinator, there is a risk of receiving a grade of F in the course(s). The student will also be responsible for all course fees, plus any applicable late fees through the date the withdrawal is requested. The fee refund schedule as listed in the Enrollment Bulletin and the Office of the Bursar Web site will be used.