Registering for Classes

Course Offerings

IU Course Offerings are available through the Office of the Registrar.

The 100-level courses are usually introductory courses or courses taken by college freshmen. Students enrolling in upper-level courses may be required to take a placement exam prior to enrollment. Other courses may have prerequisites or require special permission.

The foreign language departments may require students to take a placement exam, in order to determine the appropriate course level if they have studied a foreign language previously.

Auditing Classes & Pass/Fail

Auditing classes is under no circumstances an option available to OPEN Program students.

The Pass/Fail option is not available to OPEN Program students.

Student Status

OPEN Program students will be registered in the University Division of Indiana University Bloomington as part-time students with a special nondegree classification. Enrollment does not constitute regular admission to Indiana University. If a student decides to apply for regular admission to IUB, the Undergraduate Application for Admission must be completed and the student must comply with admission requirements.

Registration System

Provided a completed and approved OPEN Program application is received by the deadline, student will be enrolled during special registration period after freshman enrollment period has been completed.

OPEN Program enrollment will always be on a SPACE-AVAILABLE basis.

Students may view their registration status online through One.IU. Students should NOT attempt to make any changes to their own schedule. Contact the OPEN Program Coordinator for all change requests.

Once a student is registered, it is their responsibility to pay their bursar bill or notify the OPEN Program Coordinator that they have decided to withdraw from the program. Registration WILL NOT automatically be canceled for nonpayment of fees.


If the requested course is already at capacity on the date of registration and no alternate class is listed on application, the student will be placed on the waitlist for requested course. Students should monitor their account daily at One.IU for the first week of classes to see if their name has been added to the official class roster. Waitlist stops at the end of first week of class.